This is the Grand Ole Opry!

I had the pleasure of first meeting Whisperin’ Bill Anderson in 2003 when I road-tripped down to Nashville to see the Grand Ole Opry with my friend and radio news mentor Dick Sutliff.   Bill not only is one of the finest songwriters in country or any popular musical genre, he’s a great guy who really cares about his fans.

I was honored he asked me to sit in at the Opry. I was an experience that’s hard to describe without sounding like I’m resorting to a cliche: a true piece of Americana…a tremendous honor…the Mother church of Country Music…humbling…thrilling.   The thing about something as institutional and legendary about the Opry is that it’s so institutional and legendary that it’s the reason we have cliches!  To sum it up, it was all that and more (see what I mean about cliches?)


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